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Transport Memorabilia Sale Prices / Values

Browse FREE Antique Transport Memorabilia Sale Prices & Values. FIND Antique & Vintage Transport Memorabilia, Automobilia, Railwayana, Nautical, Aeronautical etc - each item pictured, described and with it's sale price guide. Plus TODAY's SELECTED Transport Memorabilia for Sale, BEST OFFERS, Auctions, Appraisals, FREE Sales Advice, FREE Price/Value Guide, Wish list and more...

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Dateline: Dated 1956 Item# 33658
s.s. ARCADIA" P&O STEAM CO. (1) Gala Menu 11.12.1956. thought to be en route to Australia. Shows the Dinner Menu and Wine List together with prices of the drinks. The cover depicts a Seahorse in Periotte Costume with streamers and bubbles. (2) ...  More Info »

5.5" x 8.5"

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 20+ GBP (Nov 2015)
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Dateline: Dated 1994 Item# 33003

13.5" X 9" BOX

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 20+ GBP (Nov 2015)
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Bradley Time Railroad Pocket Watch

Dateline: Circa 1960s Item# 32226
Bradley Time Railroad Pocket Watch
A fine example of the Great American Railroads steam pocket watch set, a registered edition collectors series, this watch was never used and is in mint condition, I have not even wound it up, so as I won't do it any harm, I don't collect pocket watches,...  More Info »

length to stem wind 2 1/2ins x 2ins width..Chain 13ins Medal 1 3/4ins x 1 1/2ins

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 50+ GBP (Aug 2009)
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*Transport Memorabilia Sale Prices are published as a guide only. The value of antiques, art and vintage collectibles can fluctuate, and vary between trade, auction & open-market values, retail prices and insurance valuations. For insurance purposes, insuring high-value items or a collection, we recommend first-hand appraisals and a renewed valuation every 5-7 years.
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