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Antique Trade Cards For Sale

Browse Antique Trade Cards For Sale. Antique, Victorian & Vintage Trade Cards etc offered for sale by antique centres, dealers and collectors... Selected Trade Cards For Sale plus Appraisals, Price Guide, Sale Prices / Values and more...

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c1890s chromolithographed BLACK AMERICANA "Mammy" MEANT FOR TRADE CARD USE...
Price: £14.99 Time Left: 4m
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Price: £50.00 Time Left: 11m
Buy Now More Info »
Price: £10.00 Time Left: 29m
Buy Now More Info »
1923 Casino Membership Card - Casino de la ForĂȘt...
Price: £9.99 Time Left: 30m
Buy Now More Info »
1882 Victorian Scrap; Man Funny Surprise Expression, Nurse Says There Are Two!...
Price: £9.49 Time Left: 2h 7m
Buy Now More Info »
1915 Antique Punch Cartoon WW1 Neutral Scandinavia Trade North Sea Blockade 8x10...
Price: £6.50 Time Left: 2h 11m
Buy Now More Info »
Print 1894 Cutting Partners Women Men Card Games Table Wilson 313J510...
Price: £18.00 Time Left: 3h 12m
Buy Now More Info »
1939 Parchment Christmas Card Insert to Actors Fund of America Ready To Frame...
Price: £20.97 Time Left: 3h 28m
Buy Now More Info »
Antique Victorian Helena Maguire Post Card w Cats Kittens Grey Tabby Anchor 1909...
Price: £12.50 Time Left: 3h 31m
Buy Now More Info »
Antique Victorian Small Helena Maguire Die Cut Cat Kitten Scraps Anthropomorphic...
Price: £30.99 Time Left: 3h 44m
Buy Now More Info »
Vintage 1910s Trade Card Singer No 115-1 Sewing Machine...
Price: £16.00 Time Left: 3h 48m
Buy Now More Info »
Apothecary Manchester N H 1880s Hidden Image Puzzle TRADE CARD Civil War Soldier...
Price: £24.99 Time Left: 3h 54m
Buy Now More Info »
Vintage US Army Booklet Check Card Army Instruction #2...
Price: £14.00 Time Left: 3h 59m
Buy Now More Info »
Vintage US Army Booklet Check Card for Army Instruction...
Price: £15.00 Time Left: 3h 59m
Buy Now More Info »
Signed Card Henry William Banks Davis English Landscape Painter...
Price: £24.95 Time Left: 4h 44m
Buy Now More Info »
1890s Photo Streator Illinois State Band Adv Card...
Price: £21.24 Time Left: 4h 45m
Buy Now More Info »
'31 Hollywood Los Angeles Athletic Club Membership Card...
Price: £21.24 Time Left: 4h 48m
Buy Now More Info »
1893 Victorian "Me First" Color Litho Ad, William Scott & Co., Boston...
Price: £16.99 Time Left: 5h 1m
Buy Now More Info »
Australian Notification Card Mint cond L%$K SHF2 29...
Price: £9.95 Time Left: 5h 35m
Buy Now More Info »
Emotions - DEVOTION - Stunning Art Nouveau Card c1905...
Price: £8.99 Time Left: 5h 46m
Buy Now More Info »
Office Desks J J Reilly Chairs Bookcases New York c 1880 Business card 2 sides...
Price: £49.99 Time Left: 5h 48m
Buy Now More Info »
1909 Victorian Print: Woman Sings, Sheet Music/Songbook...
Price: £9.99 Time Left: 5h 50m
Buy Now More Info »
Price: £11.50 Time Left: 6h 1m
Buy Now More Info »
Signed Card The Lord Chamberlain British Monarchy...
Price: £12.95 Time Left: 6h 8m
Buy Now More Info »
Victorian Greeting Christmas Wishes Hand Painted Rose Bud & Greenery...
Price: £49.99 Time Left: 6h 15m
Buy Now More Info »
1900 Official Birth card Eliot Maine Surname Worster...
Price: £14.95 Time Left: 6h 16m
Buy Now More Info »
1950s Bethlehem Mustard Seed Merry Christmas Card Christian Approach Orphan Home...
Price: £9.99 Time Left: 6h 33m
Buy Now More Info »
Victorian Fringed Happy Christmas Card William Morris Back Chromolithograph...
Price: £35.00 Time Left: 6h 52m
Buy Now More Info »
Victorian Chromolithograph Flower Children Christmas Greeting Card ...
Price: £9.99 Time Left: 6h 59m
Buy Now More Info »
Art Nouveau 9 Greek Muses Melpomene 1910 Card...
Price: £9.99 Time Left: 7h 18m
Buy Now More Info »
3 Karl Klimsch 1870's soft cover books of fancy Victorian letters and words....
Price: £75.00 Time Left: 9h 29m
Buy Now More Info »
Cape Verde Islands Menu Card 1935, Signed...
Price: £14.99 Time Left: 10h 28m
Buy Now More Info »
Cape Verde Islands Menu Card 1937, Signed...
Price: £14.99 Time Left: 10h 28m
Buy Now More Info »
Price: £7.00 Time Left: 11h 58m
Buy Now More Info »
Print Exterior Linen Hall Trade Group Factory Hands Ireland Cassell C18 138J639...
Price: £20.00 Time Left: 12h 16m
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