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Victorian Purses Sale Prices / Values

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Victorian purse chandelier

Dateline: Circa 1880 Item# 33466
Victorian purse chandelier
Stunning Victorian glass crystal Purse Chandelier. A fabulous example of a Victorian purse/bag chandelier with brass rim with decorative ribbon swag detail from which icicle drops hang. The purse is constructed from strands of different sized glass bea...  More Info »

see description

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 1280+ GBP (Jul 2010)
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Victorian Purse

Dateline: Circa 1870s Item# 30650
Victorian Purse
Victorian micro beaded purse in white turquoise and gold beadwork. Beadwork fringe and mounted with a gilt metal frame embossed with a floral decoration. Excellent condition.  More Info »

3.75" x 3.25"

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 160+ GBP (Oct 2006)
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Tapestry Victorian Purse

Dateline: Circa 1890s Item# 30476
Tapestry Victorian Purse
Large tapestry woolwork purse with a floral poppy theme to both sides. Heavily embossed silver plated mount and clasp with a cherub design and lined in plum coloured fabric. Some repair to top edge and area of fading to bottom, otherwise in very good cond...  More Info »

12" high x 11" wide

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 110+ GBP (Apr 2006)
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Victorian Purse

Dateline: Circa 1890s Item# 27753
Victorian Purse
Victorian beaded purse with floral design to both sides. Japaned metal clasp and chain. Original fringe. Excellent condition.  More Info »

10" incl fringe x 6" wide

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 140+ GBP (Jul 2004)
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Victorian Silk Velvet Purse

Dateline: Circa 1890s Item# 26859
Victorian Silk Velvet Purse
Victorian purse with notepad and carved ivory pencil. Plum silk velvet and gilt metal mounts. Attatched to a silk ribbon strap. Excellent condition.  More Info »

4" x 3"

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 70+ GBP (May 2009)
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Victorian Purse

Dateline: Circa 1880s Item# 22354
Victorian Purse
Victorian purse with chased gilt metal panels to front and reverse. Opens to reveal orange fabric concertina interior, photograph available. Excellent condition.  More Info »

3.1" x 2.1"

Sold: Sale Price/Value Guide: *over 80+ GBP (Aug 2006)
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*Victorian Purses Sale Prices are published as a guide only. The value of antiques, art and vintage collectibles can fluctuate, and vary between trade, auction & open-market values, retail prices and insurance valuations. For insurance purposes, insuring a high-value item or collection, we recommend a first-hand appraisal and renewed valuation every 5-7 years.
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